Examination Schedule: 4Yrs Bachelor Level 3rd Year 2078

TU published the exam routine for the 4th bachelor’s third year. This is the routine for both regular and partial students of BBS 3rd year, B.Sc. 3rd year and B.Ed. 3rd year.

Examination Routine 4 Years B.B.S. 3rd Year 2078.

Date Subjects
2078/12/28 Mgt.217 Business Environment and Strategic Management
2078/12/30 Mgt.204 Business Law
2079/01/04 Mgt. 215 Fundamental of Financial Management
2078/01/06 Mgt.216 Organizational Behavior
2078/01/08 Mgt.218 Fundamental of Taxation and auditing

Examination Routine 4 Years B.Ed. The 3rd Year 2078.

Date Subjects
2078/12/27 Compulsory Education -431
2078/12/29 Major Code 432 (Math.ed/Eng.ed/Nep.ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Eco.ED/His.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/ED.EPM/So.Std
2079/01/02 Major Code 433 (Math.ed/Eng.ed/Nep.ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Eco.ED/His.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/ED.EPM/So.Std)
2078/01/05 Major Code 434 (Math.ed/Eng.ed/Nep.ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Eco.ED/His.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/ED.EPM/So.Std)
2078/01/07 Minor Code 438 Sc.ed/H.ed
2078/01/09 Minor Code 439 (Math.ed/Eng.ed/Nep.ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Eco.ED/His.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/ED.EPM/So.Std)

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