Top 5 Dashin Nepalese Song

Dashin is the very popular festival for the all the people who beleive on hindu religions. All the people especially on Nepal celebrate Dashin festival very much.

Here we have listed some special songs which we can listen and make our dashin enjoyable.


Dashin Song by sugam pokheral

The dashin song of sugam pokheral is very popular among the Nepal people. Sugam had composed this song on the eastern flavor of music.

Here we have given the link by which you can listen and view the video song.


Dashin Song of Muglan flim

Another notable song of dashin is the song from the film muglan. This is also the popular song among the nepalese people


Dashin Song by Yogeshwor Amatya

Vetran and Stylish singer Yougeshwor Amatya also known as rock Yogi had sang the song many years age. This is the very popular song. This is the very informal song which is very popular song among the people of Nepal.


Dashin Song by late cool Pokheral

Yesaipali dashin ma” is another song of which is very popular. This song is written and composed by the Late singer cool pokheral.This song is popular among the

nepali people . This song shows the dashin of Village people

Dashin Aayo Child rhymes

There is another child song which we all people heard in our childhood.

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