Nepal Telecom (NTC) introduces Happy Learning Pack and Eshikshya Pack

 What is Happy Learning Pack and eshikshya Pack?

Happy learning Pack and Eshikshya is an offer for all the students and teachers of any educational institutions all over Nepal. This the large data pack which is introduced by the number one telecommunication company of Nepal known as Nepal Telecom (NTC). This data pack works in all network of Nepal telecom (2G,3G & 4G)

All the educational institutions are closed due to the corona pandemic. The government of Nepal and local authorities are instructing the educational institutions to operate online classes. Some of the educational institutions are operating online classes since Chaitra when the lockdown begins for example Tribhuvan University Masters in Arts English department is continuously operating the online classes since lockdown. The main target of the happy learning pack and eshikshya is those students and teachers who are running classes through the happy learning pack.

Application which can be used in Happy Learning Pack and Eshikshya pack are as follows


Microsoft Team 

Google Meet

How to subscribe to Happy Learning Pack | How to Purchase Eshikshya Pack?

  • First of all, you have to make the request letter from school, collages and university with the list of students and academic staff including name and mobile number 
  • Send the request letter and list in word or excel from the authorized staff to
  • After that, if you are eligible then you will receive message notification from 1422
  • After the eligibility for the subscription, you can dial *1441# and select any one of the packages that you require.

The packages of the Happy learning pack and eshikshya pack are given below

a) e-Shikshya Pack:

Data available in this pack can be used for any purpose. Here is the package details

6GB Data @ Rs. 260: [3GB all time + 3GB (5am-5pm)] 

15GB Data @ Rs. 500  [9GB all time + 6GB (5am-5pm)] 

Validity 28 days

TSC and VAT inclusive

b) Happy Learning Pack

Data available in this pack can be used for specific e-learning Apps(Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet) and some data can be used for any application. This is especially targetted for students and teachers taking online classes over specific applications. 

24GB All Time Data @ Rs. 315 : [20GB for e-learning Apps + 4GB for any applications] 

35GB All Time Data @Rs. 500 : [30GB for e-learning Apps + 5GB for any Applications]

Validity 28 Days 

TSC and VAT inclusive


For this pandemic time, this data pack offer will be very helpful for every student to have the online classes. This also makes it easier to plan and organize the online classes.

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