NiC Asia laghubitta ipo allotment | NIC Asia Laghubitta Ipo Allotment Status

nic asia laghubitta ipo allotment | nic asia laghubitta ipo allotment status
nic asia laghubitta ipo allotment | nic asia laghubitta ipo allotment status
The IPO sold by NIC Asia Microfinance to the public has been distributed.  The distribution took place in the office of Sanima Capital, the IPO sales manager of microfinance.All the applicants for the microfinance IPO have received a minimum of 10 shares, while the lucky 46,579 investors have received an additional 10 shares from the round.Microfinance had sold 4.43 million shares from July 26 to July 30.
In the IPO issued by microfinance, 4,14,180 investors had applied for the purchase of 23,065,390 shares worth Rs 2.30 billion.  Out of which, 397,741 eligible applications have been received, according to Sanima Capital.
NIC ASIA Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited is incorporated as a public limited company registration no. 171621/074/075 on 2074.4.10 BS at Company Registrar Office of Government of Nepal under Company Act 2063.The company is one of the “D” Class Financial Institutions (Micro Credit Development Bank) licensed no NRB “Gha” 61/074/75 on 2074.8.5 by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) under the Bank and Financial Institution Act, 2063.The Bittiya Sanstha has commenced its financial transaction from 2074.9.5 BS. The head office of the company is located at Bheri Municipality, ward no. 4, Jajarkot District, Nepal and its service area covered to nationwide.
The main objective of the institution is to provide microfinance services to households from Hilly and Mountainous regions of Nepal with prime focus on low-income households, assets-less, self-employed in the informal sector to uplift their livelihood increasing involvement in economic activities and income-generating activities. Besides all these financial services, it also focuses on their social development, cultural promotion, educational development, skill development

What is IPO Shares ?

  • IPO means the initial public offering of the shares. Initial public offering are used to raise the more capital in the public limited company.Public Limited company can listed in stock exchange after publishing Initial public offering.It is the process by which the company can sold its stock to the general pubic. The allocation system of IPO is differs from country. In the case of Nepal Nepal government of Nepal has make the policy to allocated the shares by the lottery with the minimum 10 units shares each person if the IPO is oversubscribed. If the IPO is not subscribed then the IPO shares will allotted as per the demand of the applicants.

nic asia laghubitta ipo result,

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