Corona Virus Update in Nepal

From december 2019 we have heard news about the corona virus frequently day by day.This corona virus officially known COVID 19 virus. The effect of this virus started from the wuhan province from china and now it is spreading its effect to all over the world.

World health organization has given the official statement to all fight against this virus.The people of different countries are effected by this virus is growing day by day.This virus become the main challenge for the world leaders because of is direct effect on the different sector.
Many people in different countries are dead due to this virus and many people are recovered after the effect of this corona virus.

Corona Virus Update
According to the official statement of the Government of Nepal, Ministry of health. 

On March 23, 19 years old Nepalese girl who came from France via Qatar on 17th of March went to Teku for check up and she was tested corona positive.
On March 25, one more coronavirus case is found in Shukraraaj Tropical & Infectious Disease Hospital
On March 27, One coronavirus case found in Seti Provincal hospital. Source 
On March 28 one another corona virus found  Dhawalagiri zonal Hospital Source

CoronaVirus Nepal statistic

(Updated: April 13, 2020 5:49 am )

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