IPO allotment of Greenlife Hydro Limited | 75% applicant will not get IPO

The allotment (result) of Greenlife Hydropower Limited (GLHL) will be done on 19 Feb 2021,9 AM at the office of BOKL Capital Limited. This company already did the pre-allotment. Seventy-five percentage applicants will have an empty hand.

ग्रिनलाइफ हाइड्रो आइपिओ नतिजा 

२०७७ फाल्गुन ७ गते बिहान ९ बजे 

नतिजा हेर्न यहा क्लिक गर्नुहोस 

The share allotment of Greenlife Hydropower will be done this Friday. According to the issue and sales manager of this IPO, the allotment work will be done. Thirteen lakh thirty-seven thousand nine hundred and forty-two applicants had applied for the two crore thirty-nine lakh seventy-six thousand and six hundred shares. Likewise, this is 7.37 times more than the IPO issuance. Due to more demand than the IPO issuance, the allotment will be done via lottery. Only three lakh twenty-five thousand one hundred and sixty applicants will get the 10 units shares whereas ten lakh twelve thousand applicants will have the empty hand for this IPO.

Greenlife has issued 18 lakh units shares to the project affected local people on the first phase. Likewise, the company had issued 34 lakh 96 thousand 4 hundred units primary shares to the general public on the second phase. In the second phase, 1 lakh 74 thousand 8 hundred and twenty units shares are allocated to the mutual fund and 69 thousand 9 hundred and 28 units shares were allocated to the employees of the company.

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How to view IPO result?

There are many ways to check the IPO result, Different shares news websites are giving facilities to check the result of the IPO allotment. If you are a user of meroshare application, you can view the IPO allotment result on the application report of meroshare webpage. If you are not a meroshare user you can check the result on the following websites

1. Sharesansar.com

2. Merolagani.com

3. Bizpati.com

4. Insurancekhabar.com

About Green Life Hydropower 

Khani Khola hydropower power project is running a project of greenlife hydropower. This project is located at Marbu VDC of Dolokha District. Whereas this hydropower has the 1.44 Arba paid-up capital and it will reach 1.80 Arba after the IPO allotment 

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