IPO allotment of Mountain Energy Nepal Limited (MENL) | IPO result

Mountain Energy IPO Result

Mountain Energy Nepal Limited is going to do allotment of Initial Public Offering IPO on Tuesday 2nd December 2020.


IPO allotment of Mountain Energy Nepal Limited (MENL) | IPO result
IPO allotment of Mountain Energy Nepal Limited (MENL) | IPO result

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According to the Nabil Investment Banking, Issue manger of Mountain energy had received 674416 application for a total 13944410 Units shares. Meanwhile the total IPO Issue was 1968027. The issue of IPO was oversubscribed by 7.62 times therefore only 183026 applicants will get 10 Units shares via lottery.

How to check IPO allotment ?

There are many websites by which you can view the IPO result.

  1. Share Sansar
  2. Bizpati
  3. Merolagani
  4. Nepali Paisa

If you are the user of the meroshare, You can view the result from mero share

  • Log in to meroshare account
  • Go to my ASBA
  • Then, go to Application Report
  • Click on the View Details of Mountain Energy Limited

Before 2 month the price of hydropower shares are decreased below the primary rate of shares. At that time the investors were not interested to invest on the shares of hydropower so the IPO of many hydropower’s got undersubscribed. But now time got changed the shares of hydropower  are increasing day by day and at recent time the IPO of Hydropower got oversubscribed. Before one week the same thing was happened on the United Idi-Mardi and RB Hydropower Limited

Care Ratings Nepal has given CARE-NP IPO Grade 4+ [IPO Grade Four Plus] to the IPO of the Mountain Energy Nepal Pvt Ltd which indicates indicates Below Average Fundamentals.

About Mountain Energy Nepal Limited

Mountain Energy Nepal Limited had two subsidiaries companies namely Aadhi Shakti Bidhyut BikashCompany Limited, ASBL (53.71 percent holding) and Robust Energy Limited, REL (74.40 percent holding).ASBL is in the operation of 5 MW run-of-the-river Tadi Khola Hydroelectric Project (TKHEP) at Tadi Rural Municipality, Nuwakot District. REL is in the construction of 42 MW Mistri Khola Hydroelectric Project  (MKHEP).Mistri Khola HEP has an estimated total cost of Rs 5.64 Arba and per-MW cost of Rs 13.43 crores. Tadi Khola HEP has estimated per-MW cost of Rs 18.49 crores while the total cost is estimated Rs 92.46 crores.

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